Sparring (Kyorugi)

At Yom Chi, we teach a full contact traditional martial art with aspects of modern style sport Taekwondo, the same style practised by the Taekwondo athletes at the Olympics!

Following the WTF guidelines for sparring, students must wear a red or blue trunk protector (hogu) and head protector, a groin guard, forearm guards, shin guards, hand protectors, and a mouth protector all of which is available from the club.

In club sparring starts when you reach yellow belt.  This enables you to put into practice what you have been learning, against an opponent.  There’s no need to worry though, as at Yom Chi, it’s not about putting you into the ring for you to get beaten up.  You will be matched with members that are either appropriate to your skill level, or with advanced members that have more control.  No one wants to attend classes where they get constantly bullied by more experienced people.

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