Black belt seminar 26 Feb12

On sunday 26 Feb 12, Ian and Tom took their Black belt candidate, Melissa Ball, to her first seminar held at Mansfield Grange,by the Btcb(British Taekwondo control board) where she practiced grading techniques, under the ever watchful eyes of Master Mckensie and Master Tranter. At the seminar, they engage the students in all aspects of what they expect to see at a grading, implementing any new techniques and adjusting some very bad habits. Here was  her chance to see how other students perform, try different ideas, find out who would be grading at the same time as herself, and train with approx 150 others. She did come away with a better idea on what is required and also, what she needs to sharpen up on. Meanwhile, Ian and Tom were getting to grips with knife attacks and some interesting locks and grabs with other black belts, who they had not met before. A good days training, so now Ian and Tom say ” COME ON MELISSA” you can do it!!!!!


3 Responses to “Black belt seminar 26 Feb12”

  1. Gavin says:

    She can definitely do it !

  2. Melissa ball says:

    Thank you to my Instructors who have gotten me to this point without you guys my black belt grading wouldnt be possible.
    Im greatful for all the time you give to help me and others. I’m putting in time, Energy, sweat and even tears for this grading i want it and i feel its not far from my reach now and thats down to you guys so thank you. :D

  3. Leanne Gowler says:

    I have every faith that Melissa will do herself and the club proud. Stay strong keep focused and you’ll blitz it!!…Can’t wait to see you in your new uniform :-D

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