“Big Success” for Grading night

On Wednesday 12 Dec 12 at Cordeaux school Louth, 22 students who train at Yom Chi Taekwondo took their grading promotion tests. This started with  students from “Taekwondo TOTS” aged only 6yrs, where they confidently showed their skills in a rather cold training room, it however did not put them off and set the tempo for the older students to follow. The club acheived a 100 per cent pass rate, which reflects the very high standard set by the instructors and showed in the students in what they displayed during the grading. Top student was awarded to Cheryl Fenton, with runner up award given to Jade O Donnell. The following students are promoted to :

Emily Waite – 9th Kup, Sky White – 9th Kup, Jade O Donnell – 9th Kup, Lucy Melton – 8th Kup, Ebony Mohammed – 8th Kup, Eric Fan – 8th Kup

Josh Godfrey – 8th Kup, Sam Platts – 8th Kup, Scott Perrin – 8th Kup, Megan Koss – 7th Kup, Francis Sayer – 7th Kup, Harry Asquith – 7th Kup

Rose Melton – 7th Kup, Henry Redmond – 6th Kup, Jacob West – 6th Kup, Gareth West – 6th Kup, Micheal Fenton – 6th Kup,

Cheryl Fenton – 6th Kup, James Gowler – 4th Kup, Braydon Koss – 4th Kup, Evan Asquith – 4th Kup, Gavin Godfrey – 3rd Kup.

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