1st DAN Promotion for MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its with great pleasure on behalf of Yom Chi Taekwondo to announce that TODAY Melissa Ball passed her Black Belt Grading and is promoted to 1st Dan. She along with some 104 other students were at Mansfield Thorpe sports centre for the days event. In the morning students practiced Patterns-1 step-Grabs/locks/releases and were givenĀ  tips and advice for the examination in the afternoon. The grading was busy andĀ there was a panel of 5 judges(6th Dan and above) which also included a special guest Grandmaster Lim Kwan In(8thDan). A very long day, but really really worth it, i am sure that all club members would like to say…….MELISSA, YOU DID IT !!!!!!!!

3 Responses to “1st DAN Promotion for MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Leanne Gowler says:

    A huge massive well done Melissa. All your hard work paid off and I am very proud of you. Wear your new suit and Black belt with pride. Bonus is you can relax a little now….then its 2nd Dan next :-D

  2. Gavin says:

    Congratulations Mel!! All that hard work and preparation has all paid of now :D – I’ll be looking forward to seeing you at club in your newly acquired Suit and Belt !

  3. melissa says:

    Hey everyone, I did comment about me passing my Dan grading but it doesn’t seem to be on here. Thank you for all your support that goes to my instructors, students and there parents too. I can tell you it was a very long day but an experience i will never forget.
    I’ve been training for that day for 5years and in that time i had 1year out so i could bring my son into the world. Its a long process but its more then reachable for those of you still working towards getting your black belts.

    Want to say I big thank you to Ian (my dad) and Tom (my brother) they were the ones that got me into this fantastic sport and they have always shown me support and helped to keep my focus of the end goal of becoming a 1st Dan. Thanks again to all and please continue to train and achieve that same goal I had but remember who your doing it for…..YOU no one else. Xx

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