Training sessions for 2017

Cordeaux Academy Weds 7pm – 8.30pm
Brookenby Community centre – Weds 6pm – 7.30pm
Ayscough hall, Louth – Alternate Sunday’s 10.30am – 11.30am

Always check the website or Facebook for current details, otherwise check with the instructors.

Welcome to 2016

Training starts back on the 6th Jan 2016 at Brookenby community centre:6pm – 8.30pm. Cordeaux school restarts on 13th Jan 16, 7pm – 8.30pm.
Open to both chapters on the 6th, you can come early or later, or stay for the whole session.
Ayscough Hall restarts on the 10th Jan 16: 10.30am – 11.30am.
If your reading this page, your first lesson is free, so why not try something different!

Brookenby Grading 26th Aug 2015

On the 26th Aug 2015 there was a grading at our Brookenby chapter where eight students took their promotion exam. The instructors are glad to report that eight passed and should be pleased with their achievements. The following students are now promoted to: 9th Kup – Zoe Wilson, Jainee Wilson,Coleen Smith and Callum Armstrong.8th Kup – Jane Fawkes, Lee Fawkes, Jack Fawkes and Cobbie Robinson. The Best Student Award went to Jane Fawkes.

01.4.15 Grading

On the 1st April 15 , students from both Louth and Brookenby chapters took a promotion grading at Cordeaux school Louth with a 100% pass rate. Student ages range from 7 years upwards and the instructors were very pleased with the result, Well Done to all students! Those promoted are: Rose Melton 2nd Kup, Ebony Mohammed and Harry Asquith 3rd Kup, Harlan Elvin 6th Kup, Hollie and Jake Lester 7th Kup, Carleandro Costa, Phil Wade and Declan Lindsay 8th Kup, Jane, Jack , lee Fawkes, Cobbie Robinson, Josh Wade 9th Kup. “Best student awards” went to Carleandro Costa, Cobbie Robinson and Jane Fawkes.

New club in opening in Horncastle!

Yom Chi Taekwondo is coming to Horncastle, Lincs, where we will be opening a new chapter, with instructor Tom Ball 4th Dan, starting on Friday 6th March 2015 at Horncastle Youth Centre, Willow row Cagthorpe, Horncastle, LN9 6DZ, Training times-19.30-21.00pm. This will be open to 7yrs and above,for more details, contact Tom on 07870920515, all current and new members are welcome to come and join in.

Instructors do it!

Two of the clubs instructors, Ian and Tom Ball have completed their Level 2 certificate in coaching Taekwondo, gained through British Taekwondo and supported by Sport England. This will now help the instructors adapt better techniques for the club students and open other avenues in this martial art.

Xmas Party 13th Dec 2014

This years Christmas party will be at the Town and Country club in Louth, open to all club members, starts at 6pm till midnight, see your instructors for details.

2 x 1st and a 2nd!!

In November 1/2 2014 the club had 3 students go for their Black Belt Grading at Mansfield under the British Taekwondo examiners board. All three students were ready for their promotion and did themselves proud by passing the grading. So, promoted to 1st Poom are, Braydon Koss and Evan Asquith and Leanne Gowler promoted to 2nd Dan. Everyone in the club are proud of their acheivements and so they should be!

” Cake and Coffee morning”

Due to the success of our last event, the events committee are holding another cake and coffee morning at Elizabeth Court, Louth, on the 25th October 14, between the hours of 10.00-12.00am.For the children, the dress will be Hallowe’en themed, which by the way, is optional for the adults! Any members who have any unwanted gifts or could donate a cake please let us know, so now go and tell your friends and family what’s happening and we will see you there!!!

News update!

Recently the club instructors and 3 students attended a Black Belt Grading seminar which was held at Mansfield, with the support of some parents. Those looking at grading are:Leanne Gowler for 2nd Dan, Evan Asquith and Braydon Koss for 1st Poom/Dan. The seminar was well attended with students from all over the UK, this will now get them ready for the actual grading which is on the 1/2 Nov 14." alt="British Taekwondo" width="100" /> World Taekwondo Federation

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