” Great Result ” on Grading night 18 July 12

A MASSIVE well done to all the students who took their grading on Wednesday night, you definately showed off your skills and worked very hard indeed. The total number who took their grading was 24 and everyone passed. A big thank you to Master Alan Steeper, who examined our students and many thanks to the parents also , as they had to endure a rather hard bench, numbing certain parts. Those promoted are as follows:

Lewis Jackman- 9th Kup, Joseph Spires- 9th Kup, Volkan Ball-9th Kup, Hollie Lester- 9th Kup, Jake Lester- 9th Kup, Eboney Mohammed- 9th Kup, Nicholas Sayer- 9th Kup, Lucy Melton- 9th Kup.

Jade Wray- 8th Kup, Rose Melton- 8th Kup, Cheryl Fenton- 8th Kup, Micheal Fenton-8th Kup, Francis Sayer- 8th Kup, Harry Asquith- 8th Kup.

Nikita Spires- 7thKup, Henry Redmond- 7th Kup, Rhys Wrigley- 6th Kup, Karen Godfrey- 6th Kup.

James Gowler- 5th Kup, Braydon Koss- 5th Kup, Evan Asquith-5th Kup, Gavin Godfrey-4th Kup, Caroline Keefe-2nd Kup, Leanne Gowler-2nd Kup.

A special thanks also goes out to Andy Lester, who was our photographer for the night, grading photos coming soon.

One Response to “” Great Result ” on Grading night 18 July 12”

  1. Leanne Gowler says:

    Feels very good wearing my red belt…now on to the next one :-)

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