” Great Result ” on Grading night 18 July 12

A MASSIVE well done to all the students who took their grading on Wednesday night, you definately showed off your skills and worked very hard indeed. The total number who took their grading was 24 and everyone passed. A big thank you to Master Alan Steeper, who examined our students and many thanks to the parents also , as they had to endure a rather hard bench, numbing certain parts. Those promoted are as follows:

Lewis Jackman- 9th Kup, Joseph Spires- 9th Kup, Volkan Ball-9th Kup, Hollie Lester- 9th Kup, Jake Lester- 9th Kup, Eboney Mohammed- 9th Kup, Nicholas Sayer- 9th Kup, Lucy Melton- 9th Kup.

Jade Wray- 8th Kup, Rose Melton- 8th Kup, Cheryl Fenton- 8th Kup, Micheal Fenton-8th Kup, Francis Sayer- 8th Kup, Harry Asquith- 8th Kup.

Nikita Spires- 7thKup, Henry Redmond- 7th Kup, Rhys Wrigley- 6th Kup, Karen Godfrey- 6th Kup.

James Gowler- 5th Kup, Braydon Koss- 5th Kup, Evan Asquith-5th Kup, Gavin Godfrey-4th Kup, Caroline Keefe-2nd Kup, Leanne Gowler-2nd Kup.

A special thanks also goes out to Andy Lester, who was our photographer for the night, grading photos coming soon.

Grading 29 Feb 2012

The next grading has been provisionally booked for the 29 Feb 12 , this gives students a little more time to practise, i would like students to bear in mind that we may have to change this date because of half term, where the school is again closed to us and we are still trying to find somewhere to train, i will keep you informed. On the social front, i have put the feelers out to see if members of the club and their families would like a get together 1 afternoon soon for some Bowling at cleethorpes bowl, i would like response via the club website on this,  who would- when can. Prices and dates to be arranged, monies would need to be up front to secure the lanes on booking, please let me know.

Grading 07 Dec 2011

WELL DONE!!!!   To everyone who took their grading on the 07 Dec 2011 at Cordeaux school, on what was a  rather cold night, 6 out of 6 passed, which is a fantastic result for the club and all the students, should be proud of yourselves on achieving your promotion to your next grade. A special thanks to Master Alan Steeper, who was our examiner for the grading. Those promoted are;

  • Nikita Spires – 9th Kup
  • James Gowler – 7th Kup
  • Liam Keefe – 5th Kup
  • Gavin Godfrey – 5th Kup
  • Leanne Gowler – 4th Kup
  • Caroline Keefe – 4th Kup

20th July 11 Grading

Well Done everyone!!!!!!!!!!  Good result for the club with 11 students grading on the night and 11 passing, Result! James Gowler got best student(trophy)he double graded and Liam Keefe getting the runners up prize(club cup), obviously there are a few points to debrief everyone on and as always, there is room for improvement, We will be pushing you all more from now on. Hopefully we will soon have some more photos put up in the gallery, so keep a look out.


A big well done to the 9 students that took the Grading last night and passed.

A special well done goes to Gavin who performed well enough in the inital grading that he was asked to take a second grading that night. Also well done to Leanne who gained the award for best Grading on the night

To all those that were not ready in time for this Grading the next grading is on 23rd Feb. If you haven’t done so already you need to be sharpening up your skills and stepping up the work rate to get signed off to grade.

Unfortunately for those that did grade this time, this grading will be to soon to be able to grade again, but it will mean that you can use the time to learn everything you need for your next grading.


We are really pleased to annouce that four of our TKD tots recently passed the first promotion test to become Yellow tags. This is a great achievement for children so young and all the instructors are really proud of the work and effort these kids have put in.

Yellow Tag / Yellow Belt Grading THIS WEEK

Please note that we have a Yellow Tag and Yellow Belt grading on Wednesday this week, this is for both TKD Tots and the Senior Class.

For all students who are grading the hall will be open from 6pm for pre grading training. Please ensure you bring your licence and your suit is clean and Ironed and that your Nails are short, no jewellery is allowed and remember to bring your grading fee.

For Students who are not grading there WILL still be a lesson please arrive at your normal time, however please keep the noise down as there is a grading going on in the other hall.

All Senior students who wish to Grade in October need to be attending this session and make best efforts to attend on Fridays to allow the instructors to assess your suitability for gradings.

Up Coming Grading

Due to the number of students involved we have decided to split the next grading, initially there will be a Junior Grade (Up to Green Belt) grading to be held in September (probably the 15th) and in October there will be a Senior Grade grading.

Dates will be made available at a later Date

All Students are reminded to learn / practice everything that is required, as well as the relevant Korean terminology – To be included on this site soon

Yom Chi Grading 26th May 2010

Congratulations to all those that undertook the latest kup Grade promotion test at Yom Chi WTF Taekwondo.

Master Alan Steeper from Boston Taekwondo (6th Dan) tested 14 students ranging from 10th Kup (white belt) to 4th Kup (Blue belt). We are extremely pleased to annouce that all 14 students demonstrated their abilities to attain promotion to the next belt.

Mock Grading 19th May 2010

Students need to be aware that a Mock Grading will be conducted on Wednesday 19th at 7pm. Students who sucessfuly complete the requirements will be told that they are eligible to participate in the Kup Promotion Grading to be held on Wednesday 26th May.

Students not signed off to grade are still encouraged to attend the grading to benefit from a short post grading seminar from Master Steeper (6th Dan)

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