“18 Compete”

A fanatastic turnout for the “ Race For Life” event held on Sun 24 June 12 in Louth by club members. You have achieved the highest attendance so far…. a Total of 18 members took part, ranging from The TOTS, to the Juniors, to the Seniors and not forgetting the parents aswell, you should be proud of yourselves. You will have to check out the Yom Chi Facebook page for some interesting photos and there will also be some on our official club site too. It goes without saying that next years event will have even more of us taking part………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louth Run For Life 2012

Louth's version of Race For Life (Mens, Womens and Juniors) in aid of Cancer Research UK


Hi everyone, This year we thought it would be good to have a party, so, on the 17 Dec 2011, which is a Saturday, we will be at the Town and Country club in Louth for a get-together. Details for the party will be forthcoming soon, but please put a note in your diary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big shout out to Gav, as again he has answered the Q.

Forthcoming event

On the 20th August 2011 at Peter Paine sports centre, Boston,Lincs,  Boston Taekwondo have a Master Sumner coming to their club. Master Sumner is Team GB Taekwondo poomsae(patterns) coach. For yellow tags to red tag the cost is 2.50 and the lesson is from 1-3pm, this is on a saturday. If you are interested in taking part, please let me know.

Best Wishes

On behalf of all the club members we would like to give our best wishes to Gavin and Karen who are getting married this weekend.

Run for life-Sunday training

So on a very hot day 4 members from the club took part in the Run for life, these being Tom Ball, Gavin Godfrey, Leanne Gowler and Karen Pepper. They all completed the run and by the looks of  them at the end, it seemed that they had all been under a shower(sweaty). Sunday at Trinity proved to be as warm as the morning and everyone was glad the heating was off! Good effort by all, 4 weeks to go remember, keep the effort up.  As ian has to go to warm continent for a couple of sessions, there will be no questions, but still read your books.

Dates to watch for!!!!!

Sunday 26th June 11 – am,  Club members taking part in the Louth race for life, support if you can–pm,(same day) there is club training at Trinity church, 2-4pm, all students that wish to train for the forth coming grading SHOULD attend where possible. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!- Next grading will be on the 20th July 11, club members should now look to see if they are available. This weeks Question- In sparring, what are the names(in korean) given to the two competitors and which sides do they start from? again first student to inform me gets the prize!

Rain stopped play!

The TKD TOTS proved to the onlooking crowd that they were out to demonstrate their skills on a rather wet Utterby day. After doing a small warm up, they proceeded onto kicking drills, finally finishing with some static punching techniques, and their individual grading pattern. After a short break, they all padded up for sparring drills but the rain decided otherwise and they had to stop. A big thanks to the parents who braved the weather, Utterby school for the invite and especially the TOTS for all their effort. It was oorsome!!!!!

Self Defence Seminar November 2010

Yom Chi Self Defence Seminar November 2010

Yom Chi Self Defence Seminar November 2010

A big thanks to all those that attended the 1st Yom Chi Self Defence seminar, all involved came away with a little more knowlegde, and maybe a few bruises as well.

Self Defence Seminar

This Sunday (7th November) we are hosting a Self Defence seminar, taken by Master Steeper. The event will run from 10:30 – 13:30 at Meridian Centre in Louth.

Hosted by Yom Chi W.T.F Taekwondo.
Venue: Meridian Leisure Centre, Wood lane, Louth, Lincs, LN118RS.
Time: 10.30-13.30
Fee: £10
Eligibility: Open to 8th kup and above.
Aims: To teach and practice various levels of self defence, within the BTCB Syllabus,including take downs and knife defence, to improve student skills.
Please bring full set of protective equipment and a current BTCB licence

Glorious 6th

The 6th of June 2010, brought forth a Taekwondo outing of mixed fortunes.

The day started with the Patterns Competition, in which we had representitives in all the categories

Junior Kup grade (Maya Subberwal),
Senior Kup Grade (Anya Subberwall, Melissa Ball),
Junior Black Belt (Euan Ross),
Senior Black Belt (Tom Ball)

Maya Subberwal came out the winner of the Junior Kup grade competition, beating several higher grades with a brilliant display of technique (she managed this while carrying an injury which mean’t she couldn’t compete in the sparring later on)

Anya and Melissa both were unlucky to lose out in the early rounds to competitors who would go onto the final, despite this both caused the judge to take some serious consideration before finally making a decision.

Having just passed his black belt, Euan Ross performed very well in what was the most competitive category, the standard at this level was really high. Euan lost out to an older, more experienced competitor who performed the third dan pattern.

In the senior Black Belt Category, our very own Tom Ball came third, losing out to Boston Taekwondo’s Kimberly Stancer who claimed 2nd. This is a reversal of a previous competition, in which Tom beat Kimberly.

After the Patterns section came the main event. Yom Chi had 5 (should have been 6 but Maya was injured) competitors in the kyorugi (Sparring) Section.

Tom Ball was up first showing his usual boundless energy and enthusiasm against younger taller opponents. Unfortunatly in both fights the extra reach of Toms opponents helped them to achieve narrow points victories.

Melissa Ball put in a spirted performance, showing no fear for her higher grade opponent. Mels opponent was quite happy sitting back letting Mel do all the attacking and then picking of counter kicks, showing that she was quite experienced, despite more experience Melissa’s opponent only managed a very narrow 2 point victory.

Anya Subberwal’s first compeitive fight outside of the club, showed a lot of composure, and a desire to get stuck in. Lack of fight experience showed in a fight that on the surface looked quite even, on points showed a different story. Anya produced a lot of good kicks, with power, unfortunatley her opponent frequently managed distance better nullifying Anya’s kicks while setting herself up for a scoring point.

This was Euan’s first fight of the year, and the first since passing his black belt, and as usual for Euan becuase of his height he ended up fighting someone much older. Maturity showed the difference as Euans opponent controlled the fight, causing Euan to make mistakes then punishing him. Euan showed strength of character to continue pushing forward taking the fight to his opponent, and was starting to dominate when he hurt his foot, after signalling to the referee, Euan dropped his guard to attend to his foot when his opponent unaware of the injury kicked him in the face.

The final fights of the Day (after leaving louth at 7am it was now 4pm) belonged to Peter Steele in the heavyweight category. Peter who hasn’t been in a competition for at least 4 years faced a taller, younger opponent. Lack of recent fight experience and a tendancy to take a few hits to be able to gain a point meant that Peter had to chase his opponent to catch up on points, his oppenent then capitalised on this to get in a few more good shots.

Peter’s last fight (and 3rd last fight of the event as a whole) was against someone affectionally named Big John. Despite losing 1 1/2 foot in height to his oppenent Peter went into the fight full of optimsim and the fight showed more composure than in his first fight. His opponents reach was the telling factor in what at the end of the day was a well matched fight.

After all the bruises and the memories of kicks that scored and shots that didn’t, we all came away learning something, either about martial arts, about fighting or about ourselves. And its that experience that will make the next one even better!

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